Every entrepreneurial journey is filled with Angels that inspire, motivate, energize and guide you so you can stay on your path. Our journey is no different. These Angels do not have an agenda, and they expect no reward. Many of these Angels are not even aware of their contributions and the role they played, and there are others we have never even met in person.

What to them seemed to be a simple advice, a sincere appreciation of our work, a pat on the back, some encouraging words of support, a casual introduction, a sincere recommendation or even a brutal critique has had a deep and meaningful impact which has made our journey seem so much easier.

With deep appreciation and deeper sincerity, we thank our Angels.


  • Abhijit Dutta

    Abhijit Dutta
  • Abhishek Kandoi_Fotor
    Abhishek Kandoi
  • Asha-Sekhar-jp
    Asha Sekhar
  • Atul Phadnis_Fotor
    Atul Phadnis
  • Avinash Ramnath_Fotor

    Avinash Ramnath
  • Callum Laing_Fotor

    Callum Laing
  • Chandrakant Pasad

  • Dave Rogers_Fotor
    Dave Rogers
  • Dean Kopelowitz_Fotor
    Dean Kopelowitz
  • Deepak Jayram_Fotor
    Deepak Jayaram
  • Imran-Amir_Fotor
    Imran Amir
  • Jaideepkhattar
    Jaideep Khattar
  • Mansoor Siddiqi_Fotor
    Mansoor Siddiqi
  • Meenakshi Menon_Fotor
    Meenakshi Menon
  • Nitin-Shenoy_Fotor
    Nitin Shenoy
  • Priti Shah_Fotor
    Priti Shah
  • Shashank Gawade_Fotor
    Shashank Gawade
  • Thomaspower_Fotor
    Thomas Power
  • Vasantjante_Fotor
    Vasant Jante
  • VirajMajmudar_Fotor
    Viraj Majmudar